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We offer Web Application Firewall to protect your site from attacks. Our security system is installed in data centers in United States, Canada and Germany on high-speed Internet channels. You do not need to make changes to the configuration of the equipment to connect: just install the monitoring agent on the protected server and change the DNS-A record so that it points to our Web Application Firewall. Before you change the DNS record, IXI network security team perform all the necessary configuration on the Web Application Firewall, check the passage of HTTP-requests, caching, as well as set up the necessary filtering of HTTP-requests for your website.

Once connected, we will perform constant monitoring of all incoming requests to your Web server, and together with you will fine-tune filter settings for better protection. We will do everything we can to protect your site from these attacks:

Type Description
1 Cross Site Scripting (XSS) XSS vulnerabilities occur when the server-generated pages get modified scripts. This allows an attacker to change the contents of the HTML page you are viewing, or steal data on the current user's session through the cookie.
2Injection Flaws One common way to hack websites and programs working with databasesis based on the injection of an arbitrary code in the request.
3Malicious File Execution This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target server.
4Insecure Direct Object Reference This vulnerability occurs when a developer specifies a direct link to the internal object, such as a file, folder or entry in the database as a parameter in the URL. This allows an attacker through manipulation of this parameter to gain unauthorized access to the system.
5Cross Site Request Forgery This type of attack aimed at users of the Web site use the shortcomings of HTTP. When the victim comes to the sitecreated by the culprit a request is secretly sent to another server (for example, the payment system server), which performs some kind of malicious activity (eg, transfer of money to the attacker). In order to implement this attack, the victim must be logged on on the server to which the request is sent and the request should not require any confirmation from the user, that can not be ignored or tampered by the attacking script.
6Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling Vulnerability is related to unintentional disclosure of sensitive information in error handling code in Web applications.

IXI Network
Security Team

IXI Network Security Team offers the highest quality of information security. We are highly competent with operating systems like FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Solaris / RedHat / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo / Suse, and Cisco / Huawei / 3Com / DLink devices. Our engineers are experts in Snort / Suricata / Zabbix and many other open source software.

Starting at $500


* for corporate clients

After signing up to our Website protection not only will you get an excellent defence tool, but IXI Network Security Team expert assistance as well.