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Open source VoIP software, such as Asterisk / FreeSWITCH and others have developed advanced functionality, are cheap and at the same time powerful alternative to the majority of today's commercial exchanges. Availability of open frontends like FreePBX reduces the cost of implementation and cost of owning exchange.

We offer express auditing of your telephone system to check your IP PBX and to detect deviations from the best practices and identify various vulnerabilities. We work according to the recommendations of NIST SP 800-58 Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems.

IP PBX Protection

Type Description
1 Protection against data interception between different IP PBXs and client devices VoIP data interception is a real security threat. The data can be intercepted by an attacker if he has access to the channel between the IP PBX. There are a lot of free software for VoIP traffic interception and recording in the Internet. We offer an encrypted channel between IP PBX to protect against data interception. After completing all our tasks, all data flow between IP PBX will be encrypted, making data interception useless.
2 Protecting IP PBX from bruteforce Unauthorized obtaining of login / password and its use to to make calls is one of the most common type of fraud using VoIP technology. We offer 100% protection against these attacks, based on our technology and open source software.
3Protecting IP PBX from DDoS attacks IP PBX Denial of Service is quite common in the Internet nowadays. We offer protection for your IP PBX from DDoS attacks. Our technology is based on the mechanisms of network traffic analysis, backup, bandwidth management and intelligent filtering of information flows.

IXI Mobile
Security Team

IXI mobile security team offers the highest quality of information protection. We are constantly improving our defense mechanisms and participate in the development of the latest and most advanced technologies to protect mobile devices.

IXI Network
Security Team

IXI Network Security Team offers the highest quality of information security. We are highly competent with operating systems like FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Solaris / RedHat / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo / Suse, and Cisco / Huawei / 3Com / DLink devices. Our engineers are experts in Snort / Suricata / Zabbix and many other open source software.

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Order express audit of your VoIP communication system. Our engineers will help you identify any vulnerabilities and offer the best protection solution.