SPAM protection


To develop a highly efficient system of protection against spam and DDoS attacks on the postal system, we, together with our partner "InformSystems Laboratory" JNC, created a SaaS service SPAMGUN.

Base of SPAMGUN system architecture is the principle of openness. Each email passed through a filtering mechanism is tracked in your account by our system. Every decision SPAMGUN makes about whether the message is spam or not is explained in the appropriate headings in the message body and is recorded in your account. SPAMGUN is designed specifically to work in harsh environments of the Internet and copes with the enormous flow of email messages.

The unique e-mail filtering technologies implemented in SPAMGUN are constantly improving allowing SPAMGUN to clearly stand out against other spam filtering systems.

Mail forwarding for SPAMGUN processing is controlled by changing the MX domain record. MX record is an element of the Domain Name System, which tells other mail servers on the Internet address of your mail server.

The advantage of this mechanism is a simple "on" mode for mail forwarding. No other changes to the configuration of your mail server or changes in the settings of e-mail client programs are required. Required only a simple change made by your ISP (or your IT department) so that SPAMGUN could take over the entire flow of spam and viruses aimed at your business.

More detailed information about technology and prices can be found on the project website -

SPAMGUN technology

Even with colossal amount of messages, SPAMGUN has a minimum number of false positives and filter 99% of spam. Don't believe it? Take a look at online filtering stats.

Data privacy

In SPAMGUN all data is automatically analyzed. Commitments not to allow message archiving and transfer to third parties are legally fixed in the contract.

message tracking

Using SPAMGUN you will see the result of filtering of every message addressed to you. This will allow you to personally control spam filtering for your domains.