Smartphone protection

Malware removal

We offer guaranteed removal of a variety of malicious software from your device, including software "tracking" the actions of its owner . There have been cases where such software is installed by the manufacturers of mobile devices. For example, in November 2011 it became publicly known fact that "tracking" software was installed on Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and Apple devices.

We will perform flashing of the factory settings, replace the operating system of your smartphone or tablet, provide you with full access ("root") to your device. After this operation your smartphone / tablet will only have known to you, secure software.

Smartphone / tablet data protection

Smartphones and tablets are used nowadays to process the information along with the computers. Due to the widespread use of 3G / WiMAX / LTE technology these devices are always connected to the Internet. Ease of use is so high that in addition to personal use smartphones and tablets are used in corporate environment, including handling of confidential information. We offer protection for the information on your device. After flashing you can use the device in an open and in protected mode when all the stored information will be protected.
You can protect the following information with our services:

Type Description
1 Address Book In protected mode your address book may also include corporate phone numbers and email addresses. Integration with corporate MS Exchange address book is possible as well.
2Call History Call history in open and protected modes are different.
3SMS historySMS history in open and protected modes is different as well.
4E-mail You can use Google / mailboxes for the open mode and corporate e-mail for the protected mode.
5Photos, notes, documents In an open mode, you can store personal information and in protected - corporate, confidential data.
6Browsing history In different modes you will have different browsing history.
7Passwords, certificates In different modes you will have different sets of data.

IXI Mobile
Security Team

IXI mobile security team offers the highest quality of information protection. We are constantly improving our defense mechanisms and participate in the development of the latest and most advanced technologies to protect mobile devices.

Starting at $2500


* for personal use

We will perform a one-time flashing of your device, remove malicious programs and components, install the protection and give you maximum access rights to the operating system ("root").



* for personal use

Order monthly maintenance of your mobile device. We guarantee a high level of protection of sensitive data.