Perimeter protection

Information flow control

The goal of a corporate network perimeter is filtering and control of information flows. Perimeter - a segment of the network located between the internal computer systems and external networks such as the Internet. With extensive experience in the investigation of information security incidents, we pay great attention to the control of incoming and outgoing from the corporate computer network and information flow. We offer our network security department's assistance at the following tasks:

Task Description
1 Implementation of the firewall We will help analyze network traffic between your internal network and the Internet; define the filtering rules for incoming and outgoing data streams; configure the filter rules on the Cisco / *BSD / Linux / DLink / Huawei firewall.
2Imlementation of the VPN serverOur network security department has extensive experience implementing VPN servers, and connecting remote networks via the Internet in a single address space. To solve these tasks we prefer to use open source software such as OpenVPN / Racoon, and we will also work well with Ciscp / Huawei / DLink network devices.
3Online service load balancingWe use CARP technology and * BSD / Linux / Cisco systems to distribute incoming network traffic between internal systems, which can be Web / Mail / Jabber / Terminal servers accessible from the Internet.
4Mail server protectionTo protect corporate mail server, we propose to install a mail server relay that performs the following functions:
Protection against DDoS mail traffic
Acceptance of the incoming e-mail traffic, optimizing connections, encryption (SMTP TLS)
Providing guaranteed delivery of outgoing mail through the use of DKIM / Domain Keys technology .
5Web server protectionWe offer to use a Nginx open source software to secure your Web server. Our network security department will ensure a high-performance Nginx operation and significantly reduce the load on your Web server. We propose to use Nginx as a Web Application Firewall to protect your server from a variety of attacks.

Attack detection/prevention

Attack recognition system allows you to be informed about current events in the network perimeter. We offer installation of detection / intrusion prevention systems based on open source software Snort / Suricata.

Key systems 24×7 monitoring

We use monitoring system in our own everyday work. Our monitoring system is based on the open source Zabbix software and includes more than 500 nodes. Monitoring system provides round the clock monitoring of various parameters of server systems based on MS Windows / * BSD / Linux. Also supported monitoring of software such as Apache / MySQL / MS SQL, monitoring of network devices supporting the SNMP protocol. You can configure the more than 1000 parameters, from the processor load to the events of adding a user to the group "Administrators" in MS Windows Active Directory. The system provides advanced functions of monitoring and event notification.

We offer to either install such system on your equipment, or to use our own monitoring system.

IXI Network
Security Team

IXI Network Security Team offers the highest quality of information security. We are highly competent with operating systems like FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Solaris / RedHat / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo / Suse, and Cisco / Huawei / 3Com / DLink devices. Our engineers are experts in Snort / Suricata / Zabbix and many other open source software.

Starting at $1000


* for corporate clients

Inform us if you want to secure your perimeter. IXI Network Security Team professionals will offer the most effective solution based on open source software.