Penetration test

We believe that the penetration test is a key part of any plan to improve security, because it shows the effectiveness of the security measures. We have of 15 years experience in penetration testing and are ready to demonstrate you how PenTest is different from regular auditing and vulnerability scanning by a software scanner. We aim to become a recognized leader in PenTest in Russia and offer our experience and knowledge to ensure the security of your IT resources.

Our offer

1 Unlike many other pentesters we do not offer a specific range of products with fixed prices for testing, firewall, workstation, etc. Before starting the test, we will communicate with you to identify your critical IT resources, to determine where they can pose a threat to your business and what is the final goal of testing. This ensures that our work is fully consistent with what you need, rather than what can be easily done.
2In the course of the test we will most likely get access to the target system. This is the starting point at which the work is just beginning. We will demonstrate you what your organization could encounter in case of a real attack by hackers.
3We will not just help you to determine the vulnerabilities that exist in your system. We will try to prepare you for that even if one day there will be a successful penetration you will be prepared for it and will be able deal with the attack.
4Where necessary we can work together with your engineers to identify potential vulnerabilities of your systems at an early stage, when they are relatively easy to fix.
5After the test we will work with you to help you identify vulnerabilities and develop effective measures to prevent infiltration.

Testing stages

1 When you call us, you will talk not to the sales manager, but to one of the security engineers who regularly performs penetration tests. In the process of communication, we will find out whether we are suited to perform your tasks.
2If all goes well, we will start working together on planning a penetration test. During this time we will be preparing tasks for all those involved in the project and indicate the projected results of these tasks. If it turns out that we are not suited to perform some of the necessary tasks, we will immediately let you know so that not to waste each other's time in vain.
3During the penetration test, we will keep you informed about every step we take in the designated test plan.
4We will prepare a report on the test results, which will indicate precisely which vulnerabilities have been identified, how it was done and what steps led to the possibility of penetration.
5After the test we will work with you to help you identify vulnerabilities and develop effective measures to prevent infiltration.
6We will work with you on the report to make sure that you understand the causes and consequences of the identified vulnerabilities, and have the necessary skills to take action that need to be done to ensure adequate protection.
Please note! Our approach of performing the penetration test is based on what is often called real world information security. As such, if you need to simply perform some formal procedure then we are most likely not suited for you. Please do not waste yours and our time.

IXI Penetration
Testing Team

IXI Penetration Test Team consists of specialists of different profiles. Unites them only the highest level of expertise and creative, innovative approach to addressing PenTest. Our specialists are experts in PenTest techniques of reverse engineering, network attack techniques, social engineering, most popular programming languages, and tools like Metasploit.

Starting at $25000


* for corporate clients

Want to determine the actual level of security of your IT infrastructure? Fear your Website getting hacked? Transferred sensitive data to the cloud? Check your security, order penetration test.