If you suspect that you had an incident of unauthorized access to sensitive computer systems, please call us. We will carefully handle the job of investigation and identification of affected systems for installed malicious rootkits and trojans. We are well aware of stress that a successful attack can cause and we are ready to talk directly to you, even if if there are no good news.

Our security engineers will do their best to eliminate unauthorized access and to replicate literally step by step the attack algorithm to identify technical details and "traces" of intruders that can be provided to law enforcement.

Our offer

1 Based on the traces remaining in your systems we suggest the steps attackers took, their attack scenario and the impact it had on your computer system.
2When performing our work, we consider a wide range of scenarios, from external attack via the Internet, to internal attack when the attacker already had access to your IT resources.
3We will try to identify the source of the attack and gather all relevant evidence.
4We will carry out a survey of your computer systems and network devices to detect and remove installed trojans and other malicious software.
5After performing all the tasks, we will explain the incident in understandable terms and help to develop measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

IXI Penetration
Testing Team

IXI Penetration Test Team consists of specialists of different profiles. Unites them only the highest level of expertise and creative, innovative approach to addressing PenTest. Our specialists are experts in PenTest techniques of reverse engineering, network attack techniques, social engineering, most popular programming languages, and tools like Metasploit.

Starting at $100000


* for corporate clients

Had a data leak incident? Faced hacker attack? Attackers got unauthorised access to bank-client? Inform us about the incident, ask professionals to solve your problem.