DDoS protection

Website protection

We offer protection for Web sites from DDoS-attacks by using advanced methods of protection. The technology used in DDoS protection is based on the methods used by websites such as Twitter , Stack Overflow , Yandex , SourceForge , Rambler , Facebook , Groupon . We have created a system of protection against DDoS distributed to balance the load and to control incoming traffic, distributing the load on different data centers. Our servers are located in data centers in United States, Canada and Germany. Our protection system cuts off the traffic coming from the zombies or, in case incoming traffic comes from normal users, transmits it to your server. You dont need to make any changes in the configuration of your devices: simply install the system monitoring agent on your server and change the DNS-A record to ours and efficiency of attacks will immediately decrease straight to complete leveling of the effect.

Website DDoS protection features

1 We support up to 200 000 simultaneous connections to your website.
2Bandwidth reserved for your website, depending on the tariff, will be from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s.
3Enabled connection optimization that will allow to take the load off from slow connections to your site.
4Enabled automatic compression of transmitted data, which will allow your Web site to load faster.
5Controlled caching of static content will significantly reduce the load on your Web site.
6HTTP query filtering based on weighting factor calculated from various parameters.
7Managed white / black lists of IP-addresses controlling access to your Website.

Reverse-proxy protection method

Proposed method of protection is that all incoming connections to your online-services are terminated at our protection system and in case they do not come from a zombie they sent to your servers. This works the same way as the protection of Web sites, but it uses protocols other than HTTP.

Reverse-proxy protection system features:

Type Description
1 Supported protocols listIMAP / IMAPS / POP3 / POP3S / SMTP / SMTPS / MS RDP / MS RPC over HTTPS.
2Quality of service(QoS)Allows you to manage bandwidth dedicated for your services, for example out of 100Mbit / s, 10Mbit / s can be reserved for terminal service and the rest - for the media streams.
3Stateful inspectionBesides checking ip-packets, we provide the ability to control such firewall features as allowed number of connections from one IP-address, maximum number of packets per second from one IP-address, maximum bandwidth used by one IP-address etc.
4Automatic zombie detectionIn case traffic from some IP-address is violating the established boundaries, it goes first to the gray list, in which the traffic is considered more closely, and then in case of further violations of the rules, IP-address gets blacklisted.
524×7 monitoringEach protected system is included in our monitoring system. This allows for online monitoring of its basic parameters, such as CPU, memory, number of disk operations, amount of incoming / outgoing traffic.

IXI Network
Security Team

IXI Network Security Team offers the highest quality of information security. We are highly competent with operating systems like FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Solaris / RedHat / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo / Suse, and Cisco / Huawei / 3Com / DLink devices. Our engineers are experts in Snort / Suricata / Zabbix and many other open source software.

Starting at $1000


* for corporate clients

We offer a free trial period of two weeks for testing so that you will be able to estimate the effectiveness of our DDoS protection system.