Cloud protection

Infrastructure as a service protection(IaaS)

The use of cloud computing implies new threats to data security compared to the traditional model of the IT infrastructure. First of all, these threats are related to the fact that in the cloud, you do not control physical access to your data storage devices. In addition, access to the cloud, as a rule, is possible at any time and from anywhere on the Internet and that involves increased risk of unauthorized access by hackers who have stolen security credentials for the remote access.

We offer our experience in the implementation of the IaaS infrastructure model. Our experience will be useful to you in case you need the following clouds features:

1 Total cloud data protection.
2Strict access authentication mechanisms.
324×7 key systems monitoring.
4Automatic notification of "suspicious" events in your IT infrastructure.
5Total channels protection from cloud to your IT infrastructure.
6Load balancing is the key to cloud systems.
7Fault tolerance and backuping.

IXI Cloud
Security Team

IXI Cloud security team have deployed hundreds of successfull security solutions in cloud systems. We are highly competent with hypervisors like VMWare ESXi, Xen, MS Hyper-V. Our engineers are experts in the fields of optimisation and high fault tolerance.

Starting at $3000


* for personal use

We offer reliable protection of your data in a private cloud.